Vestavia Hills Police explain how to spot and report fake money

Vestavia Hills Police explain how to spot and report fake money

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Police are saying it’s not just fake $100 bills business owners should be looking for.

Crooks are now using smaller counterfeit bills.

A lot of us use our credit cards when we go out to eat, and police say employees aren’t as used to dealing with cash.

So it’s important to look for key signs, which you can learn by clicking here.

Vestavia Hills Police posted these pictures on their Facebook page, hoping to identify two women.

Investigators said they’re connected to multiple cases of counterfeit bills being passed at businesses within the last few weeks.

It’s a great reminder for merchants to check all bills with a counterfeit detection pen.

Police say the fake money they’re seeing is printed on plain paper and has the same serial numbers.

Vestavia Hills Police Lieutenant Michael Keller explained how to respond if you think you’ve encountered a fake bill.

“If you get a $100 bill, well a $100 bill is a large bill. And for a small purchase, you can say, ‘Hey, I don’t have any change. I need to go into the back and get some change.’ Take the bill, call your manager, call police," said Lt. Keller.

He said it’s important to keep the counterfeit bill to give to police as evidence.

Also, if you can do it safely, get a good description of the car the person was driving and a tag number.

If you recognize these women, call Vestavia Hills Police.

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