Tyson Foods releases open letter about wastewater spill

Tyson Foods addresses fishkill

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - WBRC is following up on that wastewater spill that killed 175,000 fish in the Black Warrior River.

Ten days after our investigation into the spill, Tyson Foods released an open letter to Hanceville and its neighbors along the river.

Tyson calls the spill "unacceptable" and admits the fish died because the spilled wastewater lowered the oxygen levels in the water. Some believe ADEM should do more than just fine the plant.

"It should go a lot farther than just a monetary fine, this isn't about money this is about ensuring that this facility is upgraded in a way that has it operating in a playing field where accidents like this are going to be a major outlier, not the norm as it has been at this facility over the years,” says Nelson Brooke with Black Warrior Riverkeepers.

Tyson says it’s talking to neighbors and environmental groups like the Black Warrior Riverkeeper, as well as state regulators.

You can read the letter by clicking here.

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