Residents concerned about water leaks on southside

B'ham residents want water leaks fixed

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some Southside residents are wondering when a number of water leaks will be fixed by the Birmingham Water Works Board.

There is the water leak at 29th street south and Highland Avenue that has been going for about two weeks according to the people who live in the area.

“Basically it’s water leaks that have been here for an inordinate amount of time and I would have expected it it to fixed by now.” Jon Davis said.

Davis said two weeks ago there was another problem. You can see an asphalt patch nearby on Highland that caused residents to lose water for a day. After that was fixed this leaked occurred.

“I see waste. Water is a precious resource and I do think it will affect my bill, with the cost of water pretty high.” Davis said.

The Birmingham Water Works Board is aware of the problem. A utility cone is being put into place over the leak and markings on the roadway for possible work to fix it at some point.

This is not the only leak. One block down at 28th Place South there is another minor leak. And yet another on Essex Road. The water utility has been informed of all of the leaks but the water continues to roll away. Davis is concerned about the long term damage to the roadway on Highland.

“I’ve seen what erosion can be over time. It causes even more damage to things and more expense to fix.” Davis said.

The Birmingham Water Works Board says they plan to address the problem on Monday. They say they are waiting until Monday because a nearby nursing home reached out asking the city to delay the work until then to minimize the disruption to the residents at the home.

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