Neighbors complain about condition of old Ensley High School

Neighbors upset with with school property's condition

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - An eyesore and breeding ground for snakes and rats. Some neighbors in Ensley are calling out the city of Birmingham about the condition of the old Ensley High School.

Neighbors say they’ve waited and waited for promises made over the years to come to fruition, but they never happen.

The grass is knee high, windows busted out and foundation crumbling, the old Ensley High School on Avenue J, neighbors call it an eyesore.

(Source: brittany dionne)

The building destroyed by fire in 2018 has sat vacant for more than 10 years.

Neighborhood association president, George McCall, said former school and city leaders have all made promises about the building but none ever came to fruition.

“We hope now, the promise now, with the city behind this building, and selling it to someone, maybe in the next few years there can be beautiful homes lined up and down this street. New homes would be a great assets to our neighborhood,” McCall said.

(Source: brittany dionne)

A Birmingham city rep sent us this statement:

“We’re in the process of purchasing, but have not yet closed. We’ll be moving forward with efforts which promote neighborhood revitalization and economic opportunity”.

The city said it would be premature to discuss further plans for the building until the purchase is complete.

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