Attorney for Birmingham Police Officer accused of excessive force speaks out

Officer's attorney speaks out

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The attorney for the Birmingham Police officer accused of assaulting a female prisoner speaks out Thursday, defending his client. Officer Stephon Green was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault. The confrontation between Officer Stephon Green and the female inmate took place at UAB Hospital August 1, after the woman was taken there from the city jail. The woman weighs about 110 pound and had one hand handcuffed to a gurney. Green’s attorney Scott Morro said the inmate was combative when altercation happened.

“He was kicked in the chest by the prisoner. Subsequently punched several times either with a fist or open hand. She was assaulting Green,” Morro said.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith announced Wednesday that charges have been filed against Green.

“The most important thing we have to do is the right thing when no one is watching. On this day, this is not the outcome we felt was appropriate,” Smith said.

Smith released a picture of the inmate with a swollen eye.

“Green in turned used force to control her and those are tactical decisions an officer, especially in a prison situation, make in a split second.” Morro said.

Morro said his client did strike the woman in the face but did not hit her in the chest as Chief Smith reported. Morro says he plans to challenge the charge against Green.

“The picture speaks for itself. Just because somebody has a severe eye injury as a result of being struck by a police officer doesn’t make it illegal.” Morro said.

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