AC problems corrected at 1 Birmingham school

Hot start to school at Avondale Elementary

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham City Schools say the air conditioning at Avondale Elementary is now fully functional.

This after what they describe as being “a brief issue” happened before school Wednesday. They add the AC stopped working due to power and it “was not connected to any ongoing AC issues.”

While not connected, it’s also not the first time there have been problems with keeping the school at the proper temperature.

“We removed our child at the end of last year in part because of there were repeated problems with HVAC,” said Juliet Eastlick.

The concerned mother has spoken to WBRC in previous reports on this issue. We aired a report in September of 2018 about the AC not working at that time. Then in January 2019, we aired a story about the heat not working.

While not the only reason her family moved out of Birmingham, Eastlick says the cooling and heating issues at Avondale were a factor. She feels like school leaders weren’t listening to parents’ concerns.

"That many parents expressed over a long period of time. And they were essentially dismissed both at the local and district levels,” said Eastlick.

As for Wednesday, the system says its operations department quickly resolved the issue before 8:00 a.m. and teachers reported their classrooms began to cool down soon afterwards.

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