United Way of West Alabama sets fundraising goal

United Way kick off

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - On Tuesday, the United Way of West Alabama announced its goal to raise $4.2 million during a kick-off luncheon.

“We have our community stakeholders here, companies, leaders to let everybody know what the goal is and to figure out ways that all of us can work together to achieve this ambitious goal,” Campaign Chairman Norman Crow explained.

Hundreds of people packed an auditorium inside the Bryant Conference Center for the announcement. That money would be divided between more than 2 dozen community groups that get funding from the United Way.

“It’s very exciting to me because our community is a great community because we have a giving heart. And when you look out at this audience today, you’ve got across section of leaders all around Tuscaloosa who are committed to making life better for our citizens,” Crow continued.

People sitting in the audience watched video testimonials from charities that will use the money and some of the people they’ve helped in years past.

“I’m very confident that everybody will rally together to do what’s best for all the citizens of the community,” Crow concluded.

You can donate money to the United Way of West Alabama from now until November.

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