Tuscaloosa firefighters prepared to handle heat-related illnesses

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue responding to heat-related illnesses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuesday’s heatwave kept Tuscaloosa firefighters busy.

″The heat is excessive so a lot of our 9-1-1 calls right now have to do with the heat," according to Chris Holloway, EMS Chief for Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue.

He talked to WBRC minutes after a rescue unit based at Fire Station One returned from responding to a heat-related call. Holloway said they’re handling about two a day recently.

“Just the least bit of exertion on a day like today is really dangerous,” he continued.

Holloway called water the most important tool they have for those patients with heat related illnesses. They can give it to them to drink or use cold compacts on people as well.

If needed, paramedics are prepared to people fluids through an I-V if that becomes necessary.

“In extreme cases of heat stroke, if somebody goes past the point of heat exhaustion, we will take drastic measures to cool someone down,” Holloway concluded.

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