Taylorville primary hosts back to school rally

Back-to-school pep rally at Taylorville Primary School

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - One Tuscaloosa County school had a back to school pep rally to kick off the new year Tuesday.

Principal Sharon Jennings said 600 students showed up for Taylorville Primary School’s bash. Shelton State cheerleaders gave the students and staff a great show.

They did an activity called club system which divides students and staff into specific club groups. “Each student is in a club in the building and each faculty as you can see, I’m on the purple team and Mr. Rose is on the yellow team. We do competitions throughout the year,” said Jennings. “It builds that family attitude like we are all in this together as well as it’s an accountability thing . I know you’re in the purple club, so you need to hold up to the purple club values,” said Assistant Principal Nick Rose.

Jennings wants parents to be on the lookout for letters with information about their competitions with club teams that will be sent home.

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