Northport mayor explains how extra sales tax money might be used

Northport passes sales tax increases

NORTHPORT, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Northport just passed a 1 cent sales tax increase and taxpayers are asking how will that money be used.

Taxpayers in Northport will soon be paying a little more in sales taxes come this fall.

Mayor Donna Aaron said some of the extra money made from the 1 cent sales tax hike will be put in a separate account. This means not all the money will be spent right away in a general fund. The mayor said they are looking at putting the money towards recreation efforts like a softball and baseball complex.

Also, Aaron said improving infrastructure and development are also priorities.

There are goals to expand the police force and fire department in the future too.

“I just say by the end of the year that you see some positive things that will be going on for our city. That will help our city grow more taxes, more revenue, and more places for us to do things,” said Aaron.

The sales tax increase goes into effect October 1.

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