Keeping kids cool on the school bus

Keeping kids cool on school buses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - School systems are finding ways to keep kids cool as they transport them to and from school.

In Bessemer, over half of city schools’ bus fleet is equipped with air conditioners. However, they still run several buses without AC.

The transportation supervisor says they just got a memo from the state. It states because of the extreme heat, school systems in Alabama can distribute water to kids on buses.

Normally they don't allow any food or drink but this is special circumstances.

Once the Bessemer staff found out about that news they started soliciting donations of water bottles.

"This heat is just not good for anyone. And we're just trying to do our best to be proactive is what I decided to do earlier today, as soon as I saw the memo," said Velvet Davis, Bessemer City Schools transportation department.

"Anywhere around 98 degrees, we get really concerned. Even below that. But when the heat index is in the triple digits, we really are concerned about transportation of our pupils,” said Tim Randolph, Bessemer City Schools transportation supervisor.

In Alabama, the only school buses required to have AC are ones that transport students with special needs.

As for the water, the transportation department in Bessemer says it is welcoming donations. Water can be dropped off at the bus maintenance facility during normal business hours.

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