How to keep raccoons from setting up in your home

Raccoon problems in downtown B'ham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Birmingham woman recently found herself with a different kind of bandit in her home.

Somehow a raccoon got into the ceiling of her home. The young woman said the raccoon has left her unnerved.

Raccoons are on the move now looking for a home, and raccoons have a tendency to roam.

If they decide to make your home their new place, you need to act quickly. You’ll need to get them out of the nest and force them to find a new home.

“In an attic situation, tight residential situation like that, it’s an habitual animal. It will return there if they find safety there,” Stuart Goldsby with the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries said.

Goldsby said raccoons can pose a danger to your home or to you if they get inside.

“They do look cute but they have teeth and claws, and anything with teeth and claws is going to defend itself if cornered. It’s put into a situation to protect itself or defend itself,” Goldsby said.

That is why Goldsby recommends you contact a professional pest or critter removal company to take of the raccoons. The raccoons will continue to return to the home unless they are removed. Unfortunately raccoons can not be relocated elsewhere.

“They need to be euthanized that animal as soon as possible. You are not allowed to re-release that animal across waters or major waterways in the state of Alabama because of the spread of diseases,” Goldsby said.

Goldsby said most raccoons are healthy but some have diseases which would be a problem for your family or animals. If you spot one in your home, call a professional immediately and don’t try to remove it yourself.

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