Taking on the heat for the upcoming work week

Taking on the heat for the upcoming work week

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s time to break down your work week forecast. Get ready, because it’s going to be HOT.

There will be a heat advisory in effect until around 9:00 Monday afternoon. Another heat advisory is likely for Tuesday. It’ll be muggy and feels-like temperatures will be in the triple digits. So, if you have any outdoor plans; walking, gardening etc., it’s best to save them for the early morning hours or late in the evening.

The roadways will also be extremely hot. This means you will want to keep an eye on your pets. No burnt paws!

The feels like temperatures will back off come Thursday as rain chances increase.

Remember, stay hydrated, take frequent breaks and never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles.

Have an awesome week!

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