Summer means nearly full animal shelters

Summer means nearly full animal shelters

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is near capacity.

That’s not unusual during the summer months. Most shelters typically take in more strays.

However, GBHS is not experiencing overcrowding problems like they have in year’s past because of what’s known as the “Yes Save” program. You can no longer surrender your pet on demand. Instead you have to make an appointment.

Staff members talk to pet owners and find out their reasons for surrendering the dog or cat.

If it’s a medical issue or some type of financial hardship, where they can no longer feed the pet, many times the shelter can help with those needs. Pet owners are then able to keep the animals.

That helps keep the population down at the shelter, and makes more room for strays.

"If we were running the shelter like the way we did in previous years, we would have to euthanize for space, and no one one wants to do that. So luckily we have that program in place, the community has really supported it. We’ve had great response from the community, and that’s what saves lives,” said Allison Black Cornelius, GBHS CEO.

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