Shelby Co. Schools handling increased growth

Shelby Co. Schools growing quickly

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Shelby County Schools continue to grow at a rapid pace as school leaders try to keep up.

With more and more people moving to Shelby County, school leaders are keeping a close eye on the growth as some school buildings are reaching capacity.

Chelsea High School opened a new wing last year. They have already outgrown the wing.

Superintendent Dr. Lewis Brooks says Helena Schools are all at capacity right now. He says they keep up with the growth by talking to city clerks about how many home permits are handed out.

As of now, they are seeing a lot of growth in Calera, Helena, and Chelsea. While the growth it is a good problem have, they want to get ahead of it.

“Those are our three growth hot spots. So for us, we are looking at growth all over, but for those areas in particular we are looking at student numbers,” Dr. Brooks explains.

They have a capital improvements team that constantly looks at what they need. However, all of that depends on funding as well.

Some cities are stepping up to help with more funding for their growing schools. Chelsea just passed a 1 cent sales tax increase. The money from the increase will go to the schools in their city starting in October.

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