Jefferson Co. Coroner trying to ID nearly 10 bodies

8 deaths with unidentified victims

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It has been a busy time for the coroner’s office.

Two sets of skeletal remains were discovered in early August. One in Brighton on Parker Springs Street has been identified, but another on Woodward Avenue has not. Two bodies were also discovered just off of Shady Grove Road near Village Creek Bridge.

The body found in Brighton has been identified as 58-year-old Henry Walter Garrett, who was reported missing in February. Foul play is not suggested at this time.

At Metro Alabama Crime Stoppers, they are working to get information to help identify the missing.

“If you have a loved one, someone you know is missing, haven’t heard from them from a good while, who lost touch or who lost their way.” Sgt. John Pennington said.

Sgt. Pennington said family or friends need to file a missing person’s report. Providing any sort of personal information could help identify the person.

“The coroner can only do some much. They will look at fingerprints. They will look at the general health and age of the body in front of them. They will look at the dental work.” Pennington said.

Pennington stresses parents putting information about children into a national database, which could help as they turn to adults.

He says these are difficult cases that in his experience, are the result of drug abuse.

“I know here at Crime Stoppers we have people disappearing, reported abusing illegal drugs. Heroin, opioids consistently putting themselves in harms way.” Pennington said.

If you have any information about a missing person contact the the coroner’s office, law enforcement, or even crime stoppers.

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