Anniston council passes two new animal ordinances

Anniston pet stores required to use animals from shelters, rescue organizations

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - Anniston's city council has two new laws on the books pertaining to dogs and cats.

One of the new ordinances require pet stores in the city to sell only animals from shelters or rescue organizations.

Anniston currently doesn't have any pet stores at all, but any new store that opens in the city would have to follow the new law.

Council woman Millie Harris says the new ordinance would keep any retailers from using puppy mills to supply their stores. She says it wouldn’t affect reputable breeders or reputable stores like Petco or PetSmart, neither of which have stores in Anniston. PetSmart has a store in nearby Oxford, while the nearest Petco is some 30 miles away in Gadsden.

“This is to prevent huge retailers from coming in here who support puppy mills from out of state. And, they are looking for various locations in Alabama, and I always say it’s not in our backyard,” Harris said.

The council also passed a separate ordinance allowing animals that are victims in cruelty cases, to be adopted or rescued quickly.

Harris says when they’re kept in kennels as cases await trial, they develop kennel stress and other issues that make them less adoptable.

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