BBB warns against website promising cash

Warning about elaborate online scam

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -When folks sign up, they think they’re working for an online marketing agency that will pay them for seemingly simple things. But a local woman says she was scammed when she tried to get the money they promised.

The Better Business Bureau warning against websites called ‘Notion Cash’ and ‘Kids Earn Money’ that have people doing simple tasks for cash.

"They're doing surveys, they're promoting the business on social media, using YouTube to promote the business. For every item they complete, they get money on their account," says Ande Kral with the Better Business Bureau.

Testimonies in the form of YouTube videos on Notion Cash talk about how easy it is.

“Register on the site, download a couple apps, play a couple games, write a couple reviews, boom! They verify it, gave them my PayPal information and they’re gonna verify it and send me a couple dollars!” says one testimonial video.

They even appeal to children, in a time when being a social media influencer is all the rage.

“Notion Cash is one of the best places to make money, especially if you’re a kid, teen, or just looking for something to do in your life.” says another testimonial.

A woman in Greensboro, Alabama tried it out, racking up $900 in her account. But when she tried to get her money--

"They went ahead and told her that, oh, you actually have to sign up for these three subscriptions before we can allow you to cash out, and then she still wasn't able to cash out."

The woman paid the company over $50 for the subscriptions for several months, all with the promise of getting her $900. Reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website echo the same dilemma with folks asking for their money and then being locked out of their own account, then trying to call the company, and not getting anywhere.

“Always do your research, check before you try to do anything like this," says Kral.

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