Where to look for deals on school supplies

Save on school supplies

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The sales tax-free weekend has come and gone, and the clock is ticking to get all your children’s school supplies.

Parents and their children are out looking for all of those school supplies on their list. Stephanie Yates, Endowed Professor of Regions Institute for Financial Education, says don’t go out that door with a plan and list first.

“First you have to shop with a list. Just because it’s on the table doesn’t mean it’s a good deal or necessarily you need it,” Yates said.

Another bit of advice, try to do some homework first. Research what sales are being offered online and see what sale prices are out there.

Some prices might be the same but there could be deals to be found if they get you in the store.

“I think the best mindset is to be flexible. Meaning it would be easiest to go to this one store and get everything I need. But I have to recognize it may be worth it to go the next store or on the next block,” Yates said.

Of course there is a limit of comparison shopping. Don’t drive 50 miles to save 20 cents.

Also, think a head. Buy more than what it is on your list for later this year.

“Try to think a head. If you find deals and they out there you are probably going to need notebook paper, pens and later on the year, go ahead and stock up,” Yates said.

Spend more now and save more later on in the year.

Another tip, check some stores that are going out of business. Payless could cut you a deal on buying shoes. If you go to a big box store like Target or Walmart, make sure you are taking advantage of every deal possible.

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