What you need to know before hiring a work crew on your property

What you need to know before you hire

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The death of two construction workers in Hoover last week was a tragedy. They were laying pipe for drainage issues when the trench they were working in collapsed.

We’ve learned the city of Hoover did not require the Company, Water Drainage Solutions, to get a permit from the city because the work was on private property.

An insurance agent talked about what homeowners need to consider if they’re thinking of having work done.

“Homeowner’s insurance absolutely helps cover the risk or the peril that we incur out in society,” says Nathan Marcus.

Marcus works at Allstate in Vestavia Hills as an insurance agent.

“If you’ve got people on your land, are you covering the risk they create? Normally so. It depends upon the policy you have and how well it’s written.”

But he says the real responsibility lies with the company, and that the employer should have workman’s compensation.

“The question is, as a homeowner, or even as a renter, how do you reduce the risk? And first you ask the group that’s going to be working on your premises, ‘how well insured are you?’”

It’s a good idea to get their insurance information in writing and ask if they provide workman’s comp for employees. You might also consider an umbrella policy which increases the normal amount of liability coverage. And, do your research.

“You’re going to want to know some background on the people you let access your property.”

Officials with Hoover say this company did not need a permit for the work because they were on private property. Other cities like Birmingham, Vestavia Hills and Homewood say they do require permits for this kind of work.

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