Center Point football holds “Shades of Service” event

Center Point football holds “Shades of Service” event
The Center Point football team held its 2nd annual "Shades of Service" event Wednesday.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Football is a sport that sees no color, and Center Point defensive end Devin Maghoumbou believes that now, more than ever.

“Today taught us a lot about character, how an all-white school and an all-black school can come together, it’s all about sportsmanship out here," Devin said.

From scrimmaging on the football field, to picking up trash along the street, Center Point and Ashville football teams joined forces Wednesday to learn about the game and different cultures.

“We’re trying to beat each other when we come out here, but when we come off the field and come out of the battle, we can take our gear off and bond and become friends," said Ashville head coach Barry Simmons.

Center Point head coach George Bates believes the biggest takeaway from Wednesday’s event,\ is cleaning up the community, something that’s helping both these teams bond on and off the field.

“We really don’t know each other at the beginning, but at the end of the day we will all be friends," said Ashville wide receiver Nathan Phillips.

“I really love it, I like to meet new people. Since they’re from across the town, they learn about what we do on our side of the town and we learn about what they do on their side of the town," Devin added.

Although Ashville and Center Point don’t play each other this season, both teams believe they are already winning off the field.

“This is real life, it’s all about being a servant and this is real life," Bates said.

This is the second year for the Shades of Service event. “I hope these guys exchange phone numbers, add each other on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. I want them to build unfamiliar relationships to help them grow as a person,” Bates said.

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