B’ham City Schools experiencing teacher shortage in ‘areas of critical need’

Critical teacher shortage in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama is facing a shortage of teachers, but what subjects are being hit the hardest?

The Birmingham City Schools system is “experiencing a teacher shortage for areas of critical need. These subjects include math, science, foreign language and special education,” a schools spokesperson told WBRC in a statement.

“That’s not a surprise at all,” said LaMonica Harris, who works for the Alabama Education Association, and represents the city’s teachers. “I think the reason there are shortages in those areas is the certification doesn’t line up with the teacher degrees.”

Because of that, Harris says teachers, not just in Birmingham but everywhere in the state, have problems passing the tests they need to get their teaching certification. Especially in those critical areas.

“A lot of the teachers are not going into the math, the science, or the foreign languages. Most of them are sticking to the English, the social studies, so that’s a high risk area,” Harris said.

Harris also says the teacher shortage can be blamed on how Alabama compares to other states when it comes to pay and retirement benefits.

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