Tuscaloosa cracking down on blighted houses

Cracking down on blighted properties in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Boarded up windows and doors may catch your eye at one abandoned home on Cherry Street.

But it’s the high grass in this overgrown lot around the home that the City of Tuscaloosa wants the property owner to do something about.

"If you own property and it's not in the condition it needs to be, then take the responsible route and let's do it the right way, let's fix the property," Mayor Walt explained Monday morning.

Maddox said the city identified nearly 300 properties in Tuscaloosa’s Westside that did not meet property maintenance codes. That can include overgrown lots or structural problems.

"It just makes the neighborhood look bad," Robert Johnson agreed with the Mayor.

He says when one homeowner isn’t doing their part, it hurts the neighborhood.

“If three of us try and one bad apple doesn’t, and one bad apple will stand out more than us three and that’ll be the most noticeable thing. Why not everybody do it together,” Johnson continued.

Maddox believes it's also a way to fight crime.

"When you overlay blighted property with crime, you'll see a direct correlation," Maddox concluded.

People who don’t bring their property into compliance risk fines and possible jail time.

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