Hoover residents to vote on raising property taxes

Hoover property tax increase

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - Hoover residents could soon vote on whether to raise property taxes by 2.4 mills. That’s at least an extra $24 a year, bringing in an extra $3.6 million for Hoover City Schools.

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy has an idea where she’d like to see that money go. “There are so many things that we want to do, additional opportunities for our students," says Murphy.

Dr. Murphy says those opportunities come at a cost. One opportunity she’d like to see is a proper performing arts center for students.

“At Spain Park High School, 49% of our students are involved in art, at Hoover High School, 43% of them are involved in the arts and how important that obviously is to our students,” said Dr. Murphy.

Max Payne is a Hoover parent and is intrigued by the possibilities.

“Oh, of course, I want my kids to have every opportunity for more diversified learning opportunities. That’s something we definitely need around here," says Payne.

Murphy would also like to see that money fund an expansion of a Pre-K program. They saw nearly 400 families sign up for a lottery just to enroll in their first-ever program starting this fall.

“Which gives all evidence to our need of expanding Pre-K opportunities in our district," says Murphy.

She says it’s all about giving those students a good foundation. But while some are in favor...

“Oh without a doubt. Without a doubt,” says Payne.

Others are more wary - and tax-weary.

“No, I would not vote for it. I think there’s enough taxes in Hoover and they’re building so fast out here now. And when we first moved here, it was just a calm place to be and they just keep raising taxes,” says Patsy Cothren.

Money would also be spent at Barry Middle and Bluff Park. The Board will choose a date for the referendum and the city will have to sign off on that date before residents can vote.

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