Watching Barry: How Alabama is preparing to help

Watching Barry: How Alabama is preparing to help
Tropical Storm Barry lashes Grand Isle, La

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - As Tropical Storm Barry continues towards the Louisiana coast, those in Alabama are preparing to receive visitors and help in any relief efforts that might be needed.

The Salvation Army in the Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi district has 28 relief units on standby. That includes some crews in the Birmingham area.

"The units are preparing for whatever Barry may do and their respective communities. They've got their canteens ready. Supplies are all stocked up. They've got volunteers standing by ready to serve so at this point we're waiting to see what Barry is going to do,” said Major Charles Powell, Area Commander for Birmingham Salvation Army.

Meanwhile the state is also preparing to receive evacuees.

The Alabama Department of Transportation says right now they are not suspending any road construction, but they are also in constant contact with the state EMA monitoring the situation.

If evacuees do come to Alabama, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency says they’ll be ready.

“Our agency is monitoring the situation closely, and we are prepared should residents of Louisiana or other affected areas travel through our state,” said the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Secretary Hal Taylor.

This storm also brings back memories for former evacuees who are now Alabama residents.

Amanda LeBlanc moved to the Birmingham area because of Hurricane Katrina. At the time she was living near the 17th street canal breech in New Orleans. She evacuated in advance with her family, which included a 2-year-old and a 2-month old.

"You can’t help but go back and think about your time in that situation and what it was like. You know as much as I love Louisiana, I’m grateful I’m not in the situation that they are today to have to think about leaving again. We have a ton of family friends, clients, everything, still there so my thoughts and prayers are with them,” said LeBlanc.

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