Teachers say reading during summer break is very important

Stop the summer slide

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Summer is ticking away and if your kids put the books away for the summer, teachers want you to listen up.

They say it is so important for students to keep their brains active during the break in order for them to come back to school in August at the same level they left in May.

Teachers encourage parents to find fun ways to incorporate learning whether that is through cooking, learning about places you might travel to this summer, or going to the local library for a book.

Cindy Warner with Shelby County schools says there are several fun ways to incorporate learning over the break.

“If you have a hard time getting that phone or that tablet out of their hand, at least put an educational app on there that is going to encourage something educational," Warner explained.

Whatever it is, soaking up knowledge during this time is just as important as soaking up some sun.

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