Hoover City School Board still discussing proposed policy

Hoover off campus incidents

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -The Hoover City School Board is still discussing a policy concerning discipline over incidents that happen off campus, but disrupt school life.

Many were hoping a decision would be made on a policy proposal at tonight’s meeting. It was proposed at last month’s board meeting, after a video surfaced showing area high school students making racist comments. Dr. Kathy Murphy had said at the time they received so many phone calls from not only parents, but news outlets around the world, it made it impossible to get work done in their office.

“So what I wanted to do this evening was to make sure that our board understands, and our public knows that we are having conversations about that proposal,” says Murphy.

They’ve discussed it with several committees, including a parent and diversity committee. They hope to get input from the Department of Justice, the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center and others.

“This is so big and so important and it’s not just about Hoover. This is an issue that’s facing us nationwide, and that is those things that come to school creating disruptions that may not have even been generated at school.”

The main concern she’s hearing from parents is about their children’s privacy.

“About the things that happen off campus aren’t any of our business, and I absolutely agree. And as long as it stays off campus, it just has no impact on us, I certainly have no jurisdiction. The main point us we cannot tolerate disruptions in our school.”

Murphy says she wants to vet the document and get it right legally, before taking any action—even if it takes a year to do so.

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