Help available for families with daily bill struggles

Help available for paying electricity bills in West Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Some families are faced with tough decisions surrounding staying cool or keeping the power bill down.

These difficulties increase as temperatures continue to rise this summer.

United Way of West Alabama wants to help people in those situations, where you could be having a hard time financially. They have a program set up where you can call 211. A United Way representative will ask for your name and zip code over the phone.

Then the rep will connect you to non-profit organizations in your area that can help you when that Air Conditioning bill is high.

“As the summer is heating up and air conditioner bills are increasing, folks are finding it even more difficult to get the bills paid, even with that balanced budget to get the bills paid. Many of us are just one pay check away from needing assistance and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help to get back on your feet,” said Jackie Wuska, CEO of United Way of West Alabama.

There are other needs you can get help with by calling 211, including school supplies, health care and so much more.

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