2019 State of the State luncheon in Tuscaloosa

Rebuild Alabama tax bill will help fix roads

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A crowd packed the ballroom of Tuscaloosa’s Embassy Suites Wednesday for the 2019 State of the State luncheon.

Jim Page, President and CEO of Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, believes that's one reason why so many chose to listen to Tuscaloosa's state legislative delegation explain what changes are happening and what concerns them.

“This was an historic legislative session. There was probably more consequential legislation passed in this session than in recent memory," Page said.

All eight members of Tuscaloosa’s state delegation participated.

“I think you’ll be hearing about taxes, roads and bridges and prisons,” State Representative Chris England (D) of Tuscaloosa explained.

Many of them agreed the gas tax increase to pay for improvements to Alabama’s roads and bridges through the Rebuild Alabama plan could have the biggest impact.

"We’re already seeing in rural areas where they just don’t have the funds to do any type of road improvements. I think once it’s implemented, I think we’ll see a good deal of benefit,” according to State Representative Rodney Sullivan (R) of Northport added.

A bill to bring a lottery to Alabama didn’t pass, but several members of the delegation expect it will come up again during the next legislative session.

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