First look at the DC BLOX facility

First look at D.C. BLOX facility

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Not much has happened at the Trinity Steel site in Birmingham’s North Titusville neighborhood for the last 30 years. But to hear DC Blox CEO Jeff Uphues tell it, the technology and innovation campus that officially opens on the site Thursday will likely make up for lost time.

“We are well ahead of our plan and we are exceeding expectations for the demand of what we are seeing today”, says the Atlanta-based Uphues.

While the company is based in Georgia and the company has similar data centers in Chattanooga and Huntsville, with more on the way, Uphues says the Birmingham facility is the company’s flagship.

While he won’t name names but Uphues says a number of commercial, public and private customers have bought safety, security and mobility for their information within DC Blox’s caverhouse data halls.

And while layers of security, thick walls and extra generators protect the data, Uphues says the facility, with its space to train employees, can help drive innovation because his clients will need to manage the information they store.

“You think of Hewlitt Packard or Amazon web services. We’re dealing with all these manufacturers to put their equipment here and we’re offering this space as a training facility to where how do you drive more technology to Alabama,” says Uphues.

And while the first phase of the campus prepares to welcome the governor for its grand opening on Thursday, the surrounding community is trying to capitalize on the extra attention is it likely get.

Dr. Ron Bayles, who runs the Titusville Development Corporation, was among those who helped determine that DC Blox was a good fit for the community TDC is trying to help revitalize.

“The very fact that we’ve had a very sound organization come in an purchase that property is a major plus for this neighborhood,” says Bayles.

Uphues apparently feels the love and says he wants to continue to "lean in" and be a good neighbor. He says he's grateful for the way the company has been welcomed into the community not only by people in Titusville, but by business and political leaders who he says all got on the same page over the last two years to make this week happen.

“We’re grateful for the community of Titusville, we’re grateful for the community of Birmingham,” he said. “We’re going to continue to keep giving back and finding ways to promote the technology scene because together, everyone can achieve more.”

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