Tuscaloosa County commission votes to demolish rundown homes

Tuscaloosa County tearing down abandoned houses to clean up communities

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - There wasn’t much discussion surrounding the demolition of several rundown homes on Wednesday’s Tuscaloosa County Commission agenda.

But one resident felt her neighborhood will be cleaner and safer by tearing some houses down.

“I feel that they are a nuisance and it would be helpful to have them torn down,” Debra Crawford explained.

Commissioners approved demolishing three houses on 39th Street in Holt, all of them empty and in different stages of disrepair.

One neighbor said at least one has sat empty for more than five years.

Commissioner Jerry Tingle said they’re moving as quickly as the law allows them to demolish rundown homes.

“They’ll call us over and over again and say can’t we clean this up. Well, we can’t clean it up. We can’t just go on someone’s property and do what we want to do or needs to be done. We have to go through the normal process allowed by law,” Tingle said.

Crawford said it's about time for these houses to go.

"The houses that look like that, to see certain people going in there you know nothing good is going on so it would help a lot to tear them down,” Crawford expressed.

Commissioner Tingle said it could still be a couple of months before the houses are torn down. Some of them may have asbestos in them and they’d want to demolish them when its cooler and rain in the forecast so it’s less likely for bad things to get into the air and spread to nearby homes.

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