Recycling center causing stink in Bibb County

Recycling center causing stink in Brent

BRENT, Ala. (WBRC) - Gale Hughes lives less than a half a mile from VLS Recovery, a recycling center in Brent.

She and some of her neighbors are tired of seeing and smelling trash that’s piling up inside the facility’s gate. The business sits in the middle of town.

"They're just not covering it. They're just not taking care of it. I put up with the stink. I put up with the trash that comes in my yard,” Gale Hughes who lives near the recycling center said.

Concerned residents reaching out to us saying they want to see the trash covered up and properly disposed of. They say the recycling center is turning into a trash dump.

"I see stuff constantly blowing off of these trucks going into my yard,” Paula Cook said.

"This is a disgrace to have something in the community like this right here in the heart of town,” Dewayne Rutledge, who also lives nearby said.

People who live near VLS want the city to do something about it the stink. They say their calls for help are going unanswered.

Patty Clark doesn’t have a problem with the recycling center. She thinks it’s good for Brent.

“As far as the smell, it never bothered me when I came to town. I think it’s a good thing. I don’t see anything wrong with it. We need jobs in this town,”

Gale is all for jobs, but not at the expense of the neighborhood.

"A large portion of the time there’s no tarps covering the top of the trucks that enter into the place so roadway winds are allowing it to blow all the way. You can follow the trash up and down the highway. For you to have a trash dump in the middle of your city is just ludicrous,” Hughes said.

Brent Mayor Bobbie White, who didn’t want to go on camera, is aware of the problem. She tells us the recycling center is in the process of addressing the situation.

We’ve reached out to VLS Recovery for a comment. We’ll keep you updated.

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