Heart Gallery Alabama: Nicole, Austin & Jonathan

Heart Gallery Alabama: Nicole, Austin & Jonathan

Nicole, born January 2002, enjoys reading and listening to music. She likes school and makes good grades. She makes friends easily and is easy to get along with. She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Nicole is very well-mannered and lovable. She enjoys going to church with her foster family. If she could visit any place in the world, she would want to visit Paris.

Austin, born February 2003, enjoys playing baseball and football. His favorite subject is science. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up so that he can go to space and see other planets. He likes going out to eat, and his favorite place is Chuck E. Cheese. If he could visit anywhere in the world, he would want to go to Disney World. Austin is polite, makes good grades, is very affectionate, and gets along well with others.

Jonathan was born August 2007. His favorite subject is reading because it’s fun. He enjoys playing soccer and likes to kick the ball and run. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up so that he can catch bad guys. Jonathan likes going to the movies, going skating, eating out, and watching basketball games. He loves playing on the computer and his game system. Jonathan is very friendly but has trouble getting along with other children his age when in large groups. He doesn’t like to share his things and can become aggressive at times. He behaves well with his foster family and does great in structured settings. Jonathan is impulsive and needs supervision and structure to thrive. Jonathan uses good manners and is very lovable. He wants to be adopted into a family that is fun and that will be nice to him and his brother and sister.


Heart Gallery Alabama’s (HGA) mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama.

Heart Gallery fulfills its mission through partnerships with award-winning, professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to capture each child's individual spirit.

Every child needs a loving, supportive family to help them become a successful and happy adult. HGA hopes that promoting the adoption of these children will be successful, so their dreams of being part of a family can become a reality.

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