The author that searches for the right kind of activities for sports fans

VIDEO; Sports Activity Book Author

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It started as a sweet gesture for a family friend in need, little did Darla Hall know it would soon become her life’s work.

Seven years ago, Hall started up a business creating activity sports books. Today, she is the author of more than 200 activity books incorporating puzzles and games that are themed around a team from either the professional or college ranks.

“I wanted to help just one boy, but now I just want to help all kids,” said Hall. “The possibilities are endless and such, because there are fans for all teams. It is just a fun way to help make fans be a part of their favorite team. Plus, it is fun.”

Each activity book has puzzles, word searches, games, coloring material, songs and educational material that help engage a team or school’s young fans. The business is called In the Sports Zone and Hall is hoping fans will continue to be a fan of of her sports activity books.

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