Northport considers offering business incentives for storefront updates

Plan to improve storefronts in Northport

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Members of the Northport City Council are discussing a business incentive plan that could benefit companies already in town.

The idea involves businesses in the city doing more to make their space look appealing.

Businesses along the main corridors of the city would need to improve their storefronts. In return, the city of Northport could offer them a financial incentive in the form of grants or tax rebates.

Conversations about the idea began earlier this week in city council meetings.

Richard Toney, the owner of Tattoo shop Symbolic Ink says what he thinks about it.

“I think we would take more pride in our storefronts, and in our businesses and our city,” said Toney.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron felt these conversations with city council are in the early stages.

Nothing has been finalized. Stay tuned for updates.

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