Holiday work week forecast

Work week forecast

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re headed into the month of July and you’ll be holiday ready with Wes Wyatt’s work week forecast.

We’re looking at a seasonal weather pattern with scattered thunderstorms popping up in the afternoons.

Expect feels-like temperatures to be in the triple digits throughout the week.

The rain though, will help keep things cool.

If you’re out at the pool, you’ll want to stay alert for lightening. Make sure you’re out of the water until the storms pass. Theshowers shouldn’t last long so you’ll be back swimming in no time.

The fourth of the July will be one of the hotter days of the week. Expect an afternoon storm, but things should settle down in time for the fireworks.

Stay up to date with the First Alert Weather app and have a happy fourth of July!

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