ER doctors seeing an increase in heat exhaustion

Preventing heat exhaustion

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This time of year ER doctors see a lot of folks come in with heat exhaustion. That’s why we are on your side with ways to prevent heat illnesses.

Doctors at Shelby Baptist say avoid staying outside for long periods of time especially when it’s this hot. If you have to be outside, say because maybe you work outside, make sure that you prepare ahead of time by staying hydrated and paying close attention to any signs of dizziness, shakiness, or nauseated.

Dr. Chris Khatri is an ER doctor at Shelby Baptist and he says if you ignore these signs it does not take long for these symptoms to progress to a life-threatening situation.

"And then you’ll end up with a heat stroke and you wouldn’t be sweating you would start having some altered levels of consciousness. At that point you would be dry, still have the same kind of nausea, your temperature will start to rise as well, and that is a medical emergency. You need to come to emergency room,” he explains.

Doctors say elderly and young child need to be especially careful in the heat and avoid being outside for too long.

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