Hot car demonstration reveals some alarming numbers

VIDEO: Hot car demonstration

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Each year, we hear and report tragic situations where a person, child or pet loses their life from being left in a hot car. The numbers are alarming, and there is concern as temperatures rise during the summer months.

“It is a loss that can be prevented,” said veteran firefighter/paramedic Kevin Underwood with Vestavia Hills. “Things can happen fast in a hot car, and it is even faster in the case of a child. Temperatures inside a car rise rapidly and so do body temps, and when it nears 104 degrees, something bad can happen.”

With the help and watchful eye of the Vestavia Hills Fire Department, we demonstrate what happens in a hot car in the first 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes is not long and nowhere near what tragically can occur when the time that passes reaches hours.

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