PART 2: Charlie Poe and Wes Helms talk about Birmingham and BBQ

PART 2: Charlie Poe and Wes Helms talk about Birmingham and BBQ

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - In the first half of the interview with Wes Helms and Charlie Poe, they talked about baseball and what it’s like coaching and mentoring young players.

This week, we’ve got the Poe and Helms talking about living in Birmingham, what it’s like at Regions Field, and of course... BBQ.

Neither Wes Helms or CPoe are strangers to the Magic City. CPoe played for the Barons in the ’90s and Helms moved here after being traded from the Braves.

Wes helms and Charlie Poe talk about living in Birmingham

CPoe’s last stop in the minors was in North Carolina. So we put the question to him: Alabama BBQ or Carolina BBQ?

Tough question for CPoe

Poe talked about the adjustments he had to make living in the south. It was no surprise that humidity was near the top of the list.

Adjusting to living in the south
Helms on living in the south

Helms and Poe also talked about the atmosphere at Region’s Field.

Playing at Regions Field

Poe and Helms also talked about what it means to coach at the Rickwood Classic, and about the history and influence Rickwood has had on baseball.

Playing the Rickwood Classic

When asked what message he had for the fans, Helms responded with this:

Wes Helm's message to the fans

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