Hoover looks to regulate short-term rental properties

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 10:22 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Listing your home on Airbnb? If you live in Hoover, you might face some new hurdles. Hoover City Councilor Curt Posey is proposing a short-term rental ordinance. After a lot of research, he says he’s based his on the one New Orleans has.

“The thing that struck us the best about New Orleans was their process and the fact that particular ordinance had been taken through the court process and had been checked out and been vetted,” said Posey.

It’s a lengthy process. If this version of the ordinance passes, homeowners will have to pay for a conditional use permit and go before the planning and zoning committee and the city council for approval. They’d have to pay for a rental permit and a business license, plus their house would have to be up to code and include an indoor sprinkler system throughout.

“As for the sprinklers right now, that’s still an ongoing discussion because there may be some state law that was put in around 2006 saying, there’s a battle on that, so, that’s in there now, but it may come out,” Posey said.

With sites like Airbnb gaining popularity, he knows a lot of people will want to take advantage.

“We have things that would bring people here. Let’s say you’re in a travel ball league and you come here. Maybe you need to stay in a house, maybe that’s a better fit,” he continued.

Posey says regulation was needed after he received 15 complaints about various properties.

“When they see different people going in and out of rental homes, they get alarmed. And then they felt that there was an issue with some trash after an event there. And the gentleman in Riverchase came out and his driveway was blocked because there was a rehearsal dinner going on in a short-term rental property,” Posey said.

He hopes his fellow council members are on board when they vote on the ordinance July 1.

“I think there’s areas of Hoover where this is a great fit," said Posey.

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