A 9-mile Tiger Walk

Auburn baseball superfan walks 9 miles

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Most fans watch a baseball game from the stands, but for Mary Boudreaux, she's lacing up her shoes and hitting the concourse to cheer the Tigers on.

Boudreaux is easy to spot at Auburn baseball games because she’s always walking.

“I walk because I do not enjoy sitting down for long periods of time, and when I do I get a lot of pains in my lower back," the Auburn baseball superfan said.

Boudreaux has been walking the concourses at the Auburn baseball games for several years, and has since become an icon at games.

“Most people just love it, they say keep walking or walk faster," Boudreaux said.

She walks 3 mph and averages nine miles a game. The only break she takes is when she stops to watch a big play.

“I really watch the game. I mean sometimes I have to tell other people to turn around because they may get hit by a foul ball because I’m definitely watching," Boudreaux said.

From baseline to baseline to walking full laps around the concourse, Boudreaux refuses to sit down. Even Auburn head baseball coach Butch Thompson has taken notice.

“He bought me a pinstripe jersey and it has a No. 1 on it for for No. 1 fan and it has my last name on it. I try to wear it at most of the Auburn games," she said.

Boudreaux has only missed one series this year. That was in Nashville when Auburn played at Vanderbilt.

“I joked with Coach Thompson that he needs to keep these games under three hours. The longer they are, the more miles I walk,” Boudreaux said.

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