Emmett Kyzer’s family reacts to Clifford Madison guilty verdict

Kyser verdict

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) -Emmett Kyzer’s family has been waiting nearly three years for justice. Friday, they say they got it, when a Tuscaloosa County jury found Clifford Madison guilty of killing their loved one.

"Everybody in my family was just so overwhelmed with joy. We're just really, really glad that did find him guilty,” Hunter Slayton, Kyzer’s niece said.

We first met 82-year-old Emmett Kyzer in 2015. He was still recovering from being attacked after he let a stranger into his home to use the phone. His words then are now haunting.

"I help everyone around here. Always someone stopping wanting to use the phone, gas or whatever,” Kyzer said at the time.

Just over a year later, he disappeared from his Cottondale home. A year after that, his remains were found on Ed Stephens Road. Investigators say he was beaten and stabbed at his home before his body was dumped. Clifford Madison was then charged with his murder. At the time, Madison told us he knew Kyzer very well.

This week, Kyzer’s family reliving what happened as they sat in court for Madison’s murder trial.

"He did not show any kind of remorse whatsoever. He was looking back at us smiling giving us head nods saying hey when he walked by. He just thought that he was going to walk today,” Slayton said.

The jury deliberated for a few hours today before they found Madison guilty.

"Clifford is a monster. He is a monster. I don’t see how anybody could do that; looking at an elderly man and beat him so severely like he did. If anybody was to go to prison for murder it should be Clifford Madison,” Slayton said.

The family says the verdict does bring a little closure. They are now holding on to memories of their loved one who loved his family and loved helping people in need.

"He was the sweetest man. Anything you needed he’d help you with. He was a loving man who had a big heart,” Slayton added.

Madison’s sentencing date has not been announced yet. Kyzer’s family says they don’t want to see this happen to any other family. They say check on your elderly loved ones and check who is staying with them.

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