Outpouring of help to save kitten at bottom of Ala. well comes too late

Outpouring of help to save kitten at bottom of Ala. well comes too late
Kitten trapped in well (Source: Thomas Family)

ELMORE COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - A family in Elmore County, desperate for the community’s help rescuing a kitten that fell down an old water well pipe at their home, said Friday afternoon they were amazed by the outpouring of support.

Unfortunately, a team of plumbers who responded as part of the outpouring found the kitten at the bottom of the well too late. It had already died.

Thomas and Jami Edwards of the Elmore Community said they were desperate to save the animal. They and their children heard its cries in the backyard Thursday.

At first they were excited, but what they found wasn’t what they were prepared for. The kitten’s cries were echoing from underground; It’s anxious mother was calling for it from above.

“We are heartbroken beyond measure we were not able to save our baby but are grateful for the community and their support to try to help save it,” Mrs. Edwards said. “The two gentlemen that came to our home from Roto Rooter were amazing, supportive and sympathetic."

According to Thomas, when their home was switched over from well water to the county water system, they removed an old well house. After its removal, the pipe leading to the well was left behind. They ended up putting a storage shed over the existing well pipe.

Well shed
Well shed (Source: Edwards Family)

“We never thought in a million years something would end up in the well pipe.” Jami said.

The couple tried some rescue organizations in the area for some assistance, even reaching out to the local fire department. But even they weren’t sure what they could do.

The family said they wanted to thank everyone "for helping us find the resources to do our best at saving its life.”

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