Fultondale traffic, patrols increase because of 59/20 bridge construction

Wrecks blamed on 59/20 bridge shutdown

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - The construction work on the 59/20 bridges in downtown Birmingham continues to cause road problems as far away as Fultondale.

If you travel around Fultondale, you’ll see more traffic. Especially on Walker Chapel Road, Highway 31, and Carson Road.

“We have had a dramatic increase in accidents. Sometimes one a day. Sometimes two or three a day because of the increase in traffic,” said Sgt. Kevin Studyvin of the Fultondale Police Department.

The city has implemented more officers on patrol trying to get drivers to slow down. Carson Road, a two lane highway, has been the area with a lot of problems. “We have started a special initiative, enforcement initiative on Carson Road and we are asking everyone to obey the speed limit and obey all traffic laws,” Studyvin said.

Mayor Jim Lowery said it’s dangerous even for police officers to respond to accidents on Carson Road because of the limited roadway.

Walker Chapel Road is getting help with the purchase of a new red light which will go at the Main Street intersection. “This is a very dangerous intersection here at Main Street and Walker Chapel with the new motel. It will mean a lot for citizens traveling up and down these roads,” Studyvin said.

The main problem remains speeding and distracted driving.

The council approved the new traffic light this week. A special pole is being constructed for the light at the intersection. Like everyone, Fultondale police will be glad when the bridge work is finished downtown.

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