Business steps in, donates van to help youth football program

Stolen football van update

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Help is on the way for a business that tries to take teenagers to college athletic camps across the Southeast.

On Wednesday, the van was stolen. Now a Birmingham business wants to step in and help. One of the co-owners of Windham and Bush Tire and Auto saw the news report of the stolen van.

“I saw this on the news. You know, I said to my wife it’s pretty rotten somebody would do something like that to kids,” Mickey Windham said.

The company had purchased a 2001 van from a church in Locust Fork for advertising. Some crook stole the catalytic converter and it has been sitting idle. “We have an opportunity. We are not using it. If it can help these kids get somewhere down the road, that’s what we would like to help do,” Billy Bush said.

The two businessmen didn’t do this for publicity, but a sense to help youngsters get a chance for a better life. “To take the opportunity away from kids that deserve to have a chance. It’s a wrong thing what these people have done,” Bush said.

Terrance Slaughter is a Chaplin for Playmakers Elite 7v7. He said their entire effort with the van is to give kids an opportunity. “To me, it was bigger than the mode of transportation. It’s about the dreams of these young men that want to get to the next level,” Slaughter said.

Slaughter, who is a man of faith, said the donated van is just an example of faith. “A situation like this is pivotal. It should be a beacon of hope for others who aspire to do more for youth and to do more for their community,” Slaughter said.

Windham and Bush hope to have the catalytic converter replaced and donated tires ready to go by Monday. PME plans to take about 15 kids up to Vanderbilt for a camp next Thursday.

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