Beach season is here; sheriffs offices says expect heavy traffic on I-65

Roadwork and summer travel

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) -Beach season has officially begun. And if you’re heading down south on I-65, make sure you mentally prepare to be in traffic. Even if you are just commuting home for a staycation this weekend, the Shelby county sheriff’s office says the ride will probably take a little longer this summer.

Drivers already know it’s frustrating to drive I-65 through in Shelby County because of all the construction in the Alabaster and Calera area.

But as you travel through this summer, remember that people from our area, plus everywhere north of us, are trying to make it down to our beautiful beaches. Keep in mind that this might be their first time driving through all the crazy construction.

“If you take the time to look, you’re going to see tags from Tennessee and all the way up into Indiana and so be patient with those drivers that may not be familiar with the area. If someone makes a quick lane change in front of you because they realize they are about to miss the exit where they intended to go just be patient and keep a cool head. It goes along way and given our roadways and especially our 65 safe,” Lt. Mark Bishop with Shelby County Sheriff office explains.

State troopers are out there about every day so remember that the speed limit changes in those constructions zones because if you get caught the fines double.

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