Shelby County sheriff asking parents to make sure teens stay out of trouble this summer

Keeping children out of trouble over the summer

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Some folks in Shelby County say they’re already seeing summer pranks. Officials say kids seem to get involved in summer shenanigans just about every year.

While some may think it’s funny to take out a whole row of mailboxes using a baseball bat, the Sheriff’s office says there’s nothing funny about it. In fact, the only thing it is is vandalism and your child could face charges for it.

Shelby County deputies say they see an increase in vandalism over the summer because kids are out of school and some get bored.

Deputy Debbie Sumrall with the Sheriff’s department says the key is knowing what your child is doing.

“It can be a seemingly harmless prank, but it could turn tragic if they are trespassing on someone’s property or they scare someone and someone thinks they need to defend themselves. So that is really important to keep up with where your kids are and what they are doing,” Sumrall explains.

Deputies say you should especially talk to your teens who are old enough to drive.

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