Residents concerned about safety at Collegeville housing community

Collegeville security

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Concerns over safety inside the Collegeville housing community has the Birmingham Housing Authority taking action.

A couple of days ago, a concerned resident sent us pictures showing at least one of the security gates down at the Collegeville housing community. The gate has a dent in it. Residents tell us the gate is often times not working and they hardly ever see a security guard at it. They have concerns.

We took those concerns to Birmingham Housing Authority President/CEO Michael Lundy.

"We’re going to get them working. What happens is that we get them working and then you get someone visiting who is maybe displeased with not being able to get inside and then they will run the vehicle into the gate,” Lundy said.

An hour or so after we spoke with Lundy, a contractor showed up saying he is working to remove the gate. Lundy tells us these issues are on-going and says most of the vandalism comes from outside of the housing communities. The housing authority is working with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to better secure their communities. On Wednesday, a deputy was posted across the street from Collegeville, keeping an eye on things.

Lundy says there are plans to install more cameras as well. It’s all a part of overhauling the district’s safety plan.

"We’re going to install better cameras that will be the type of cameras that the Birmingham police department will be using. I think that will make a huge difference. With the kind of rethinking of how we provide protective services, we’ll be able to get that kind of level of satisfaction of managing that,” Lundy said.

The exit side of the gate was working Wednesday. No word yet when the entrance side will be fixed. Residents tell us it hasn’t been working for quite some time. We’ll keep you updated.

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