Tuscaloosa police officer injured in chase

Officer hurt after chase, wreck

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A Tuscaloosa police chase and crash started just after one o’clock Tuesday morning on Skyland Boulevard.

The officer crashed during a chase with speeds well over 100 mile-per-hour.

“Officer that I originally talked to asked me did I recognize the car. I told him not really cause it was from behind. He said it could be a Firebird or something that runs 120,” William White told WBRC.

That’s when White learned the people he saw at Hayes Towing this morning were involved in a chase with Tuscaloosa Police.

He was dropping off a vehicle when he saw some men acting suspiciously near the business’s car lot.

White called police because two previous break-ins have happened here before.

Police said the car with the suspects took off when officers arrived.

"Officers were on Highway 11 heading towards Coaling behind the suspect's vehicle when the officer lost control, the car left the roadway and struck a tree," according to Lt. Teena Richardson.

White never thought the situation would escalate to a police chase that ended with an officer crashing his patrol car.

“I told them I got the police on the phone, we’re going to stay right here and let them question you and they just kept walking off,” he continued.

Police described the getaway vehicle as possibly being a white Pontiac.

We’ll let you know if any suspects are identified in the investigation.

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