From a shy introvert to the life of the party, with the right kind of moves

VIDEO: Ballroom dance helped Cassidy Johnson

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - A lot of people can relate to Cassidy Johnson’s life back in high school; she was shy, an introvert and she did not like how she looked physically. Fast forward to 2019, and few of her classmates at Spain Park High School in Hoover would be able to recognize her. She is full of life, confident and 100 pounds lighter.

Johnson’s secret is no secret, she found her passion and motivation to make a life altering change: ballroom dancing.

“I never had that one thing that made me want to change,” said Johnson. “Then one semester at college I needed to take a one hour course, and I picked dancing. Turned out I loved it and it changed my life for the better. It motivated me to make a change, and now I feel like a new person.”

Johnson competes in ballroom dancing and is gearing up for a big competition in late June down in Orlando, FL. More importantly, she is writing a thesis paper, titled, “A Journey Through Dance," where she chronicles the importance of dance in people’s lives. She finds out she is not alone and that her story can be an inspiration to another person who might be able to relate.

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